Welcome to Villars Swiss Ski School!

The new Winter season 2019/2020 is at the door, and that`s mean that we have new, very special offer for our clients. This time Swiss School Villars will open the curtain of their work. Prepare your ski equipment to face the avalanche of interesting information! Are you ready? Then, here we go!

Marc-Henri Duc the Director of SWISS SKI SCHOOL VILLARS with pleasure agreed to answer the questions posed by our Managing Director Vasily Maslov during their meeting in Villars.

V.M.: Marc, how can you present your school in a few words?

M.D.: I guess couple of words wouldn`t be enough, as far as The Villars Swiss Ski School was founded in 1932 and overcome through dramatic changes. Today we are 275 teachers, all of whom have a high level of education recognized in Switzerland. It is important to know that every week in winter our instructors follow a continuous training in order to remain constantly at the forefront of pedagogy and technique. Many of our instructors have competed in international ski race.

We are one of the 3 largest ski schools in Switzerland, we have 2 snow gardens which are the largest in French-speaking Switzerland.

V.M.: That sounds really impressive! And who was the founder of the school. How it all started?

M.D.: In 1932 the first hotels started to fill up in winter, 7 good skiers decided to found a Ski School, they called it the Swiss Ski School of Villars. It was the 3rd school in Switzerland

V.M.: But why exactly this place? Just because of the growing popularity of the local hotels, or maybe because of nature peculiarities?

M.D: Because Villars is renowned for its extraordinary views, we are also one of the closest resorts to Geneva airport. Our view of the Alps is splendid, we are lucky to be on a sunny plateau between 1200 meters and 2200 meters with optimal snow conditions, since we are on meadows without stones on the slopes. 

V.M.: As far as you are Director of the school, you represent it. So, what is your motto?

M.D.: My motto is The Red Legend! 

V.M.: What does it means, if it is not a secret?

M.D.: We have an excellent reputation for the quality of our teaching to children and adults, from beginners to competitors, in skiing or other snow disciplines. As we are dressed in red and on the slopes you meet a lot of teachers accompanied by their client, most of the clients call us "The Red ", from there it was only a step to do to set up "The Red Legend":-)

V.M.: Hah, that`s pretty cool! And, how is your school different from other similar alpine schools?

M.D.: We are the ski school in Switzerland with the highest percentage of teachers with the highest qualification. Our differences are in addition to our technique and pedagogy, our enthusiasm, our passion for teaching and our kindness.

V.M.: Highest qualification sounds great, but you know that children require special trainings. How many of them works with children?

M.D.: All our ski teacher are trained to teach children, as far as 70% of our clients are children. As such, a child's first turns are the source of our enthusiasm.

V.M.: I really pleased to hear such warm regarding to children. By the way, you have noticed that your instructors follow the continuous trainings so, how do you train your instructors?

M.D.: Well, our instructors go through thick and thin. At the beginning of the season by at least one week of continuous training then every Sunday morning from 08:15 to 09:45.

V.M.: The physical trainings are by far very important thing, but what about for example languages? What languages do your instructors speak?

M.D.: French, German, English, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Russian (12pax), Chinese (2 pax), Portuguese, Greek, Hungarian, Danish

V.M.: And how long is your standard lesson is?

M.D.: We are extremely flexible at this question. We offer from one hour to full day lessons in private or collective classes according to tourists needs.

V.M.: Does Villars educational schools also invite your instructors for training?

M.D.: All the public and private School worked with us!

V.M.: Wow, so you are a really noble and prestigious school. According to the all mentioned above, I guess you need constantly improve yourself. Therefore, do the team of your instructors participate in competitions generally, and competitions or championships among ski schools?

M.D.: Yes, we participate at the cantonal Championships where we have win in fast all discipline with men and women, we participate also in the Swiss Championships where our Ladies Demoteam finished second last year.

V.M.: Your school looks really impressive, I guess your services should cost a fortune, isn`t it?

M.D.: First of all, we have really huge variety of services. From private ski lessons to biathlon, freestyle and tandem-ski lessons, which also available for groups.

If you compare with other School in Switzerland, we are not so expensive, howevert with our prices, we can garantee you the highest quality of teaching and tehcnique

For example, private ski lessons costs 75 CHF per. hour and 360 CHF per day, per person.

All other prices depend on the number of participators and instructors.

You can also acknowledge with actual information on our official website: ess-villars.ch

To be continued …

Interview was prepared by Manager of ski web portal skitours.com.ua Teslenko Andrew