Scuol – a tiny pearl of the Swiss Alps

Scuol is one of Switzerland’s lesser known resorts, lying nestled between the Silvretta peaks and the Engadin Dolomites, and is known for its long sunny days. The village itself boasts a mixture of traditional architecture and modern buildings, with a traditional Swiss church overlooking the centre.

Church, overlooking Scuol, is one of the architectural landmarks

This village is quite unusual and combines recreation with skiing. That’s why this place is perfect for having time of your life. Here you will find fountains with mineral water, narrow peaceful streets and wonderful views.

Why is this resort worth visiting? We would like to know it closer. Intern Marketing of Engadin Scuol Samnaun Val Mustair Andrea Jung will help us to get acquainted with Scuol resort.


Architectural ensemble of Scuol

– Could you tell us a little about location and history of the resort, its natural peculiarities and sights?

Wellness tourism in the Lower Engadin is based upon the 25 mineral water springs that are to be found along a 6-km stretch of the Inn near Scuol. Here you’ll find the grand hotel Scuol and Vulpera, built during the spa epoch of the late 19th and early 20th century. Discovered in 1369, the mineral water springs are the foundation upon which tourism in the region became established.

The springs with their natural mineral content flow continuously, and are free for all to try at any of the many fountains in Scuol. You can also sample the local water at the baths or at some of the so-called drink-houses. Mineral water is also a central theme in the Photo-Orienteering and the Guided Village Tours.


Mineral water springs are the main delights of the resorts


– Scuol combines skiing and recreation. What are the peculiarities of skiing at the resort? What resorts do Scuol border on and can offer joint skiing and pastime?

The resort is perfect for intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Most of the slopes are red and blue (medium and easy), some are black also. All chairlifts are children safe and the area offers and explicit children’s area, specialized skiing schools and a day nursery. Concerning adjoining resorts, the closest is Samnaun. It is about 45 minutes of travelling distance from Scuol.

– We know the situations, when tourists came to you for several seasons. How can you explain such loyalty and love to Scuol? What is uniqueness of Scuol’s nature?

The lower Engadin, which consists of Scuol and its surrounding villages, is pure, authentic and honest. It’s no destination which everyone on the world know, no «place to be» like St. Moritz, Monaco or Paris. Guests, who visit Scuol, want to be a part of the destination, are interested in the local language, culture and nature, and they are ready to commit and engage for these values. Romanish language, untouched nature, the family oriented ski-area in combination with the spa are attractions, which cannot be copied.

– Are there any general or off-piste skiing areas as well as the facilities for snowboarders and free riders?

Regading off-piste skiing areas, so there was no officially signalized. Concerning another part of question, then I can say there is a great Snow/Funpark at the Naluns chair lift. And the new piste at the chair lift «Prui» is dedicated to our Olympic silver medalist snowboarder Nevin Galmarini.


Skiing in Scuol

– How large and modern are accommodation facilities? Does the resort mainly offer hotel, residence and/or chalet accommodation?

The resort mainly offers hotels, some dozens of them are in Scuol and its surroundings.

– What are the most popular hotels/ residences/ chalet at the resort?

Can’t say, which the popular ones are. But most of them offer skipass inclusive in the price.

– What basic skills and new trends can your ski schools teach children and adults in the daytime on slopes?

Ski schools can teach all skills, beginning with element snowboarding, freeskiing. Snowsportsscuol and Schneesportschule Ftan are ready to teach you!

– What does the resort offer for families?

Scuol is perfect for family holidays, because most of the slopes are red and blue. All chairlifts are children safe and ski area offers children’s area, ski schools and a nursery if required.


Children’s skiing area

– What does the resort offer for young people?

The resort can offer aprÈs-ski bars and a wide range of restaurants.

– Could you tell us what can the resort offer as aprÈs-ski and what popular social and sports events and festivals are held at the resort?

Scuol can offer some bars, such as Bellaval/Viva Bar, Mar Motta. Besides, there is Ftan at the end of the slopes. Concerning events, I can say that the most popular are NevinGalmarini Snowboard Camp and Chalandamarz (local custom).

– How long does the ski season last? Is the weather stable?

The season begins at 12th December and lasts till 3rd April. The weather is usually stable.

– Where do your tourists usually come from?

They usually come from Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Italy and Czech Republic.

– What are the best means of transportation to reach the resort from main airports and railway stations?

You can reach it by train or by car from Zurich via Vereina to Scuol.

– What innovations and suprises can be expected from lift stations?

Scuol can boast a new chairlift «Prui».


Prui chairlift

– Does the resort have special offers for ski-pass purchase for different categories of tourists?

Usually the most hotels include ski-pass in the price of accommodation. Besides, you can buy Schneebadepass, which combines snowpass and entrance to the spa.


Skuol slopes map

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