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After small pause we are ready to continue our project “Hotels At First Hand”, this time we have prepared more interesting information about Swiss Hotels and update some earlier made articles.

Let's cut to a chase!

Now we are going to visit small village in Berneese Oberland.

Namely, we are going to talk about “GOLFHOTEL Les Hauts de Gstaad & Spa”.

Andrea Sprenger– Maine Vacation Rentals of «GOLFHOTEL 4*» has kindly agreed to answer on our questions made up by our Managing Director Vasily Maslov.

How does the hotel set itself, what it is ready to offer and which it is going to impress their guests?! Let’s getting acquainted with it closer!

V.M.: Could you tell a little about location of the resort, its sights and natural peculiarities?

A.S.: The hotel is located in Saanenmöser which is only 10 minutes from Gstaad, the well-known Village in the Berneese Oberland.


V.M. Wow, that’s really comfortable in view of traveling by car. It`s great, but what about skiing? You know, the main reason of our tourists travel to Switzerland is skiing. So, why should they choose a resort where your hotel is located, and as a result your hotel?

A.S.: Thank you for the question. The Golfhotel Les Hauts de Gstaad and Spa is almost ski-in / Ski-our since the gondola is only 4 minutes walking distance and in the evening the slopes do stop 60 meters in front of the hotel.

Our new feature in December 2018 will be the brand new Gondola Saanersloch (next to the hotel) will open its doors and you would have even faster access to the ski slopes of the biggest ski resort around Gstaad.

V.M.: Sounds, like your hotel do it best to fence off their clients from outside irritants, so nothing can prevent them from perfect vacation!!!

A.S.: Actually, that’s it.

V.M.: Could you say a couple words about your hotels` history? When your hotel was established? Who was the first owner etc.?


A.S.: The hotel is owned and managed by the family Sprenger – von Siebenthal.

The hotel opened its doors in 1911 and in 1986 the hotel was completely rebuilt. 1998 the new Chalet Golfino with another 25 hotel rooms was built and opened its doors.

2001 the SPA with pool, fitness and 10 cabins for all kind of treatments was opened. In 2014 all hotel rooms in the main building were renovated in a lovely alpine chic style as well as all restaurants and the bar. So, we celebrate pure Swiss Hospitality over 100 years now!

V.M.: Wait. You`ve said family Sprenger are owners. Therefore you are the successor of the dynasty if I am not mistaken, are you?

A.S.: Yes, this is correct. I’m with my husband the successor. We own the hotel since 23 years.

3 .jpg

V.M.: Wow, such charming family photo. And what about services? I mean, what interesting features do you offer your guests in this sphere.

A.S.: We offer:

  • 24 hour front desk service and the restaurants are open from 07.30 till 22.00 hours.
  • SPA is open from 09.00 to 21.00 hours.
  • We do offer also inroom service.
  • Ski service is available in the village.
  • Hotel can organize skipass and ski school.

V.M.: Skipass and ski school sounds great. By the way, you know that ski is trending stream among young people. So what can you offer for them?

A.S.: Unfortunately we haven’t got a lot of activities for young people. We have a hotel bar with 5 nights gentle live music. Your young people, there is more available in Gstaad for them which in a couple of minutes from us by car.

The matter is that we are family hotel. Friendly speaking we have got a lot of perks for family staying such as:

  • Many rooms with connecting doors.
  • Children are free of charge in extra beds (same room as parents) with breakfast when 2 paying adults
  • Small play room with no guard available. It means that there is no supervisor and no child guard. It’s a play room where children play themselves.
  • Children menu in the restaurants
  • Treatments for children in the SPA


V.M.: Children SPA treatments, play rooms, it seems like children have no time to be bored. And what about adults? Imagine the situation: tourists came and the weather turned bad (avalanche, blizzard, or conversely, warming, everything started to melt and so on.) What can you offer for tourists as entertainment outdoor or indoor activities?

A.S.: We are not an avalanche area and access to Saanenmöser is always guarantee.

Anyway there is shopping in Gstaad, movies in Gstaad, indoor Tennis in Gstaad, indoor swimming pool in the hotel.

Especially for very sophisticated tourists we can organize curling and Bavarian curling on the ice rink.

V.M.: And what about events? Does your hotel conduct some concerts of modern singers/bands/performances/workshop etc.?

A.S.: We offer different animation programs such as:


24th December Christmas in the woods, we go with our clients and the population of the village to the woods where a fire will be and then Nicolaus is coming and brings a small bag with nuts, mandarins, chocolates to the children. Also, we sing there some Christmas songs.


31 December Silvester party, we conduct Galadinner with dance music.


1st Januar New Years lunch, it`s simply Lunch buffet on the sunny terrace.

14 February Happy Valentine, valentine menu (too early to say what it is exactly, because it changes from year to year.)

And not to forget that from Christmas to End of February we go once a week with our dear guests to a sledging adventure at 4pm and we are back by approx.. 6.30 pm. This is a very welcome activity which gives us the possibility to spend a bit of time with our guests and to thank them being with us.


V.M.: Heh, I guess you can also invite Cupid for the Happy Valentine for all lovers worldwide! By the way, what about your visitors, from which countries do them usually, come from?

A.S.: 75% Switzerland, 5% France and 5% Germany and 4% UK, all other nationalities are under 1%.

V.M.: So, your hotel is basically “from Swiss for Swiss” concept, is it?

A.S.: I guess it`s better to say “from Swiss for everyone in best Swiss tradition”!

V.M.: The last one question but not the least. You have mentioned, that Saanenmöser is only 10 minutes from Gstaad. And what about the best means of transportation to reach the hotel from main airports and railway stations?

A.S.: The hotel is situated only 2 minutes from the train station Saanenmöser.

There is the possibility to come by train from Zürich or Geneva Airport.

Believe in that the rest “in best Swiss tradition” could be at very attractive prices, quite difficult, but you can see it personally here!

Interview was prepared by Manager of ski web portal skitours.com.ua Teslenko Andrew