Engelberg – welcome to heaven!

A splendid village in Central Switzerland is one of the oldest country’s ski resort. Tourists and adventures goers won’t be indifferent to the perfect conditions of leisure time.

Engelberg was founded in 1120 by Benedictine Monks who built the monastery which still dominates the village. They also gave Engelberg its name, which literally translates as «Angel Mountain» and refers to the impressive TITLIS mountain which towers above the resort.


This resort is well known among Swiss tourists, but it deserves to be paid attention by our tourists too. That’s why we decided to explore it more detailed and asked for the help Sabine Wyttenbach, Sales Manager Europe & Accommodations of TITLIS ROTAIR Cableways, Hotels & Restaurants. She agreed to answer our questions with a great pleasure.

Could you tell a little about location of the resort?

Engelberg is situated in the heart of Switzerland and within an easy reach from all over the country. This charming town is Lucerne Regions’s biggest winter sports destination. In Engelberg all roads end and you are surrounded by 3000 meter high mountain peaks.

– Sabine, could you say that TITLIS is a symbol of the resort as well as Matterhorn for Zermatt or Mont Blanc for Chamonix?

Yes, that’s right. TITLIS is the symbol of Engelberg. TITLIS Cable ways as well as the tourism board has the TITLIS as a symbol in their logo.

– What are the peculiarities of skiing at the resort?

In general, Engelberg-TITLIS has 82 km of slopes for all levels of skiers and snowboarders. There are slopes for beginners at the Klostermatte as well as the Gerschnialp. The slopes on TITLIS are mostly a little bit more difficult.

Furthermore we are very well-known as the off piste skiing area in the Alps. Besides, you can find here 35 km of cross country slopes, which can be used for free (even in the evening) if the guests are in an apartment or at a hotel in Engelberg.

– As far as we know, the resort can offer riding down the longest route in Switzerland. How difficult is it?

Exactly, we have the longest valley run in Switzerland with 12 km. At the beginning from TITLIS to Stand it is very difficult as it is a yellow slope (now prepared by snow groomer). The rest of the slope is a normal red slope and suitable for normal skiers.

– What about off-piste skiing areas and facilities for snowboarders and free riders?

There are 82 km of «normal» slopes and different off-piste skiing areas, as we are very well known as the free ski resort in the Alps. But there are no special facilities for snowboarders but there are plenty of places for freeriders.

Furthermore we have the «Air2Bag». The Air2Bag is a specially adapted air cushion for all kinds of freestyle sporting activities.


Air2Bag for freestyle activities

– What can you say about accommodation facilities? What are the most popular hotels / residences / chalet at the resort?

Engelberg can offer all kind of accommodations. From hostels to 4-star hotels and from normal apartments to a 4-star superior apartment hotel.

As for the best accommodations, there are The Hotel Terrace 3* with the unbeatable bed and ski package, the new built 4-star superior apartment TITLIS Resort. The Alpine Lodge Trubsee is in the middle of the skiing village and Igloo Village in Trubsee offer the perfect possibilities for stay.



– What basic skills and new trends can your ski schools teach children and adults in the daytime on slopes?

It’s a quite difficult question. Everything depends on the talent and experience of the child as they offer customed-tailored instruction. But everyone gets the SWISS SNOW LEAGUE certificate after 9 hours instruction. But, be sure, even if you are a newbie you will start skiing and you will love it!

– What Engelberg can offer for young people?

There are plenty of bars for aprÈs-ski and in the night in the village. Also there are Air2Bag in Jochpass and the «Snow X park» with electrical snow mobils.


The Snow X Park

– We suppose, Engelberg has something to offer for families?

Indeed. Engelberg is rated as a family-friendly destination from Switzerland Tourism. There are the «GlobiWinterland» and the «Yeti Park», different playgrounds in the village and on the mountain. Also we can offer the «Rock pool Adventure» with kids area, the TITLIS Cliff Walk – European Highest suspension bridge, the Glacier Cave on 3020 m, the snow park with snow tubing and tobogganing at the Trubsee.


TITLIS Cliff Walk – the highest suspension bridge in Europe

– When your guests can enjoy skiing and what about weather stability and snow cover?

The ski season lasts from middle of October till end of May on the glacier. We guarantee skiing during the whole winter and almost all slopes are snow guaranteed. The size of snow cover is about 4 meters on TITLIS (3020 m) and half a meter in the village.

– Having visited Engelberg, I saw an incredible amount of foreigners both in the city and upside without skis. From which countries do your tourists usually come from? What do they manage to see for 1 day staying at the resort?

A lot of people are coming from the Nordics because of the amazing free ski possibilities. But the most guests in Engelberg are Swiss people. Of course we can also welcome a lot of guests from Germany, France and United Kingdom as well as from the USA.

– What can the resort offer as aprÈs-ski and what popular social and sports events are held at the resort?

Chalet at the Valley Station with live music is for the weekend leisure. Besides, there are Hoheneck, Yucatan and Ski Lodge in the village. As for the events, there are Opening event TITLIS Xpress, FIS Worldcup Skijumping, which, by the way, will be held on 19th and 20th December 2015, TITLIS CandleLight Dinner, TITLIS Nightride, TITLIS Earlybird etc.

– Are there any innovations and surprises which can be expected from the lift stations?

We are right now building a new cable car the TITLIS Xpress and the opening will be on 12th December.

The waiting time at the Valley Station will be significantly reduced and traveling time from Engelberg to Stand will be cut in half. Thanks to the most modern Cable Car engineering the journey will be even more comfortable than ever before.


– Sabine, tell us, please, what is the best way to get Engelberg?

The best way is from Zurich Airport by train with a change once in Lucerne. And in Engelberg there is a free public bus.

– And the last question concerning ski-passes, are there any special offers for ski-pass purchase for different categories of tourists?

The tourists can buy a package tour including ski pass (as the HOTEL Terrace) but there are no different categories of tourists.


Slopes map of Engelberg

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