Ski Travel Mart Switzerland 2018: Well done!

Here is the STMS-2018 – useful as Swiss multi tool knife and delicious as caramel & salt chocolate. The main aim of the event is to expand company’s horizons, meet new contacts, inspired with latest ideas and innovations of the Swiss tourism market.

Every single time, it means dozens of new hotels and upgraded ski resorts, meetings with old partners and finding new ones, all shades of freshly-compiled skipass systems as well as nuances of newest equipment. Also it means thousands of renovated lifts and hundred kilometers of combined ski areas.

Within 2 work days we successfully conducted 37 business meetings: 18 on the first day and 19 on the second one. Gain at least 100 of new people and contacts.

Friendly-speaking, we have to confess it wasn’t easy, and head was seething because of that information bulk and hours of communication. After all, we want to burned in our minds every single word, every face and every second spent there, which not only infinitely increase the quality of the tourist product we sell to our clients, but also deliver incredibly pleasant emotions. We wanted to turn into a sponge and absorb all the useful information for further work and development of the Swiss direction in Ukraine. At some point, even coffee refused to help, but then only three deep breaths of fresh Swiss air put everything on its places.

But clearly, the key role remains for the people. People who in love with what they do and striving for the highest quality of recreation offered to tourists.

Our fruitful collaboration with Switzerland has been time-tested and such an investment makes it possible to please our tourists from year to year with thoughtful, perfectly suited and high quality rest!

Check out some of this wonderful people on selfies below.


19 апреля 2018